Wednesday, September 28, 2011

34 Week Pregnancy Update & Apartment Pictures!

A video update from Jenna on how the pregnancy is going:

34 weeks pregnant!

We are so excited for Tyler Jude! We know he will be a blessing to us and others. We also want to say congratulations to Sean's sister Michelle and brother-in-law Micah on their new born baby boy, Peyton Justice Webb!

It's about time to share some photos from our apartment:

Tyler Jude's nursery is still being set up. We hope to have pictures up soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots of babies!

We are very blessed and excited to have two married couple friends who are going through the same joy of having babies! Lawson and Caroline (pictured below) welcomed Brooks Elliot Flowers into the world in June. We have really enjoyed holding Brooks and we have learned much about taking care of babies from their experience.

Our wonderful friends Jay and Erin recently had their baby girl, Iris! She is a beautiful and healthy baby. We are so excited for them.
We got to hospital in time to see her first bath! Friends (left to right): Lanny, David, Lawson (holding Brooks), Caroline, Baby Iris (behind the window), Katie, and of course us! Jenna is holding her belly, showing you how big she is.
It is a blessing to have friends to go through this special time with. We are learning a whole new part of life, parenting, together.
We promise more pregnancy pictures will be coming soon!