Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby No More

Hello friends,

So sorry for the lack of blogging, hopefully it will become more a part of my regular rhythm.

TJ is about three weeks out from turning 1 year old! Goodness, I can't believe how fast time moves and how quickly babies grow and develop. Many people have been telling me what a cute big boy/child/toddler I have. Ahhhhhhh... don't you mean baby?! Nope, they are right, TJ is no longer a baby. He took his first two steps at the end of July right before he turned 9 months. That is pretty early (especially for boys), but every baby is different and TJ has always been very strong and desired to be upright. When he was a few months old he preferred to stand in our lap rather than sit. He was walking proficiently (walking from room to room without stopping) sometime around 10 and 1/2 months. He loves to do squats just like his daddy! He'll squat to pick something up or play with something, then stand back up. He has great form ;)

TJ is currently wearing mostly 12 month clothes. He can fit into a couple of our favorite 9 month onesies (they are a little tight around, but still fit lengthwise). We have recently put him in a couple super cute 18 month football onesies that his aunt Michelle bought him. Those are a bit big, but we've made them work because they are SO cute. I'll post a picture of one soon. Our favorite shoes are Robeez because they are so easy to put on and take off. He has some other big boy shoes we should probably start introducing him to.

Here are a couple pictures from recently unpacking. He is a great helper (destroyer haha). He likes to climb into/onto things like boxes and pillows.