Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breaking News!!!

Last night (June 8) I felt baby moving for the first time! We had seen baby move on our first ultrasound and heard him/her move while listening to the heartbeat at our last doctor's appointment, but that's it. Sean and I were in bed going to sleep and I thought that maybe I had felt a little something, so I decided to lay very still on my back and see if it would happen again, and a couple minutes later it did! Before last night, I was never sure if the "fluttering" I've been waiting for had actually been the baby, or just digestion, but last night it was definitely baby! I told Sean I was pretty sure I felt the baby move, so for awhile we laid in bed quietly waiting to see if Sean would get to feel it, but unfortunately it didn't happen.

BUT... this morning while we were sitting side by side on the couch eating homemade waffles I felt baby move again! So I put my hands on my stomach and sure enough I could feel the baby give a big 
'ol movement inside and from the outside! So Sean sat with his hand on my stomach and within 20 seconds baby gave another huge kick and Sean was able to feel it!

Here is an updated bump pic from this week (18 weeks):
I've officially outgrown my work pants and have had to buy some more. I've also outgrown all my cotton shorts that don't have elastic in the waist haha! And I've finally started to gain weight, which is a great thing! At my last appointment (at 16 weeks) I had gained 2 pounds total, but I know I've gained a couple more since then.

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