Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tyler Jude @ one month!

Sorry for the absence from the blog, as you can imagine taking care of a newborn is a tough job! We promise the birth story is coming soon. For now here are his one month pictures! 
Tyler Jude @ one month with his cool chalk board his mommy made for him.
Tyler Jude with his sweet football from Tyler Kelly.
Tyler Jude with his first bear from Bama.
This isn't at one month, but it's really cute!


  1. so cute! noah wants to meet tyler jude. :) lets have a playdate sometime soon.

  2. Love him - he is super cute, and I love what you're doing with the chalkboard and stuffed animals! I need to get my act together and do something similar!

  3. I love Tyler Jude and his parents! Li Li