Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Pictures! & Re-living the Wedding day!

Happy Mother's Day to Sean's mom Julie and Jenna's mom Kim! Also, happy Mother's Day to Sean's  grandmothers Mimi and Bama! And also, happy Mother's Day to Sean's sister Michelle! We love all of you so much and we are grateful for your lives. You are each an amazing gift of grace to us, each of your children, and the world.

Also, here are some photos of our wedding!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama! Thanks for being a great mom to not only amanda, marissa, and me, but to hundreds of students you've been a mother-figure to over the years! P.S. thanks for the red hair!
Bama, me, and Mom. Happy Mother's Day Bama, I sure do love you! I am so thankful for your wonderful life.
Happy Mother's Day Michelle! You are a great mom to those great boys.
Happy Mother's Day Mimi! You are a joy to have as a grandmother!
Mom, I am so grateful for you! God has given the world and especially me an amazing blessing in you. Our dance at my wedding meant so much to me. It was my pleasure to dance with you in front of everyone to show just how special you are to me. Thank you for your enduring patience with me as a young kid and even now. You enduring love has made a very big impression on my life! Most of all, thank you for sharing your love for Jesus with me. The greatest gift a mother could give, is your devotion to sharing with me how great our Savior is! I love you!
Across the top: Hayden Schiller (groomsmen), Ryan Poehl (Minister), Libby Mahoney (Maid of Honor), Marissa Erhart (bridesmaid), Amanda Erhart (bridesmaid), and Tyler Kelly (Best Man), not pictured: Kim Williams (groomsmen), Micah Webb (Honorary groomsmen), and Michelle Webb (Honorary bridesmaid)

Finally married!
Video: Finally, if you have not seen or heard "our story" of how we met each other, how we met God, how we got engaged, and where we are going click here to watch the great video our friend Nathan Willis filmed for us.

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