Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog organization updates!

A few updates on what's up with our blog

Follow by e-mail - You can now subscribe to our blog through your e-mail address!  This way you won't even have to check back on the blog for updates, instead they will show up in your mail box.
To the right underneath the "About me" section called follow by email. By submitting your e-mail you can receive our blog posts by e-mail. Simply type in your e-mail and click submit. To prevent spam you will be asked to type the word you see presented. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail in which you will click a link to begin your subscription to our blog!

Read More - finish the blog post!
In order to conserve space, our blog posts will usually have an introduction then have a link titled "read more." To finish reading the post, click the "read more" link! Let's practice, to continue reading this post click the read more link below:

Frequent posting
As you can see more pictures will keep popping up from Turkey so come back frequently! As you've noticed our blog posts are random in content. There is no real rhyme and reason behind the posts except that it reflects things going on in our lives.

Polls - what are you most interested in hearing from us?
To the right underneath the "follow by e-mail" section their is a poll. This gives us the opportunity to find out from you guys what you are interested in hearing about from us! If something is not listed that you are interested in hearing from us - just comment on this post what you would like to hear!

Comments - make a comment!
The "comments" is now open to everyone!

-Sean and Jenna

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